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Pennsylvania Teacher Certification

April 20th, 2022

Unsure of the teacher certification process and how it works in Pennsylvania? Here’s a brief runaround on meeting teacher certification requirements.

Now that you’ve finished a program for teacher education, you’re probably ready for the next step – teacher certification. If you’re currently applying for certification in Pennsylvania, read on. Teacher certification is a lengthy sometimes complicated process. Each state, of course, works differently and meeting the requirements for teacher certification in Pennsylvania are generally standard. Here are the details on Pennsylvania certification.

How to Qualify for Teacher Certification

Candidates should hold a BA degree, have completed an accredited and approved program of teacher education, and passed the Praxis Series tests for the subject area in which they seek certification. If your degree is from a foreign university, you will need to provide a report that explains the degree structures, credits and courses and their equivalents to an American institution of higher learning. Again, check the requirements for foreign applicants educated abroad. This should be a first start.

Taking the Praxis Tests

According to Praxis Test Requirements in Pennsylvania: “all candidates for certification must meet the qualifying score for all applicable tests at the time their application for certification is received by the Bureau of Teacher Certification and Preparation.” (Pennsylvania: Praxis Test Requirements website)

Check again the website to find out which Praxis test applies to each certificate type for which you seek certification, as there are a number of different certificates. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Education website, “individuals must maintain an active certificate as mandated by Act 48 of 1999 (continuing professional education) to be employed in a PA public school system.” (Teaching in PA website).

If you are seeking certification in an additional area, you will be required to complete an accredited approved program and take the appropriate Praxis test(s). Check with the test requirements of the Praxis series. If you have three years of valid teaching experience, you may only be required to take the Paxis test in your content area.

Out-of-State Teachers Seeking Certification

Do you have an out-of-state license? You may actually be able to use state reciprocity to become certified in PA. In order to transfer your certification, you will have to formally apply as there is no automatic transfer procedure. You will need to take the Praxis level I or level II in your subject area and pass it. Once that is done, you can apply for PA certification.

Good luck! Not what you are looking for? The website on Teacher Certification in Pennsylvania is comprehensive and will be able to most likely answer your questions about certification in Pennsylvania.